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(01/06/19 - 01/27/19)

Jesus Christ is the absolute and ultimate foundation of our faith.  We cannot find salvation any other way than through faith in Jesus.  Everything starts with Him and is built on Him.  But if we are going to live for Him then we need to establish and live by some foundational biblical principles.  


Serve God

(11/04/18 - 11/25/18)

For most believers, their sincere desire is to serve God but they often wonder if they have what it takes to serve God.  If you have ever felt that way, then know that you have what it takes to serve God.  You can overcome the lies of the enemy.  You can stand strong in difficulty.  You have what it takes.  You can serve God.  Find out how in this series.


Determination of Elisha


Elisha was hungry for the move of God he saw in Elijah.  His determination and passion for God was fueled by what he saw in Elijah.  Listen in as Brad Wudski preaches a message on the determination of Elisha.  These two men needed each other, just as the church today needs all generations.

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